botox application

BOTOX application


Botox (Botulinium Toxin) application is a miracle treatment for wrinkling problems of the skin. It’s our irreplaceable help for facial rejuvenation procedures.

We use a Botox serum that is produced by ALLERGAN.

Why do we use Bo.tox?

Botox is used to get rid of the active wrinkling problems that are caused by our mimics.

Do our facial mimics get affected too much?

No. The purpose of this application is to destroy the unwanted mimic lines. So it’s the reduction of excessive muscle the motions that make too much wrinkle on our face, without damaging the facial expressions.

How does the Botox effect occur?

Botulinium toxin substance defects the communication between the muscle and the nerve cells that command the muscle to work. It prevents the muscle to be stimulated to work. This blocking effect is temporary. Once the serum is consumed in that area the effect of it also diminishes.

What is the botox substance?

Botulinium toxin is the toxin that is produced by Clostridiun Botulinium bacteria that populates in rotten preserves especially.

Does bo.tox have a negative effect after the application exceeds?

No, the effect of this serum goes away in time. The muscle motion comes back completely and since there’s no new wrinkling during this period your skin improves.

Can bo.tox be applied to all wrinkles and dents?

Botox can only be applied to excessive mimic lines. We treat the wrinkles that occur with active motion by reducing motion. One must be careful about areas where the muscle movement is crucial. Botox is not used for repairing dents. Botox can’t fix lines that occur without mimic.

Which areas bo.tox is applied usually?

Forehead, upper eyebrows, lower eyelid, upper nose, sides of the nose, upper cheekbones, upper lips, lower lips, sides of the mouth, under chin area.

Which areas bo.tox is used besides the facial area??

Treatment of neck wrinkles, excessive sweating, migraine treatment.

How is bo.tox prepared?

Botox should be contained in cold storage.

It’s a bottled dust in a special package.

It’s mixed with a serum and diluted for the intended area.

How is botox applied?

The serum is prepared by mixing with water for the targeted area. It’s put into little botox syringes and injected under the skin.

How much bo.tox is applied?

The amount varies according to the muscle strength of the application area. The amounts are calculated by units.

How long is the bo.tox effective?

The serum is effective for 4-5 months. It can rarely be effective for 6 months. The most dramatic effect is in the first 3 months, then the effect declines. Throughout the fifth month the effect is mostly gone.

When does the bo.tox effect kicks in?

The effect starts in 2 to 5 days after the application. It will be set totally in 2 weeks.

Can corrections be made after the bo.tox treatment?

Light corrections can be made after the application if necessary. But the corrections must be limited, so the first application should be successful and appreciated in a high level.

When are the finishing touches made if necessary?

Finishing touches are made in the second week if necessary.