Vectra 3D breast virtual simulation makes the surgery plan easier


Breast augmentation is a very comfortable and safe surgery nowadays. Breasts complete a woman’s figure beautifully. Shoulder length, breast girt, waist and hip proportions are essentials of the ideal woman figure. Breasts may be small for various reasons. One may be smaller than the other, they can be asymmetrical. One may not even exist congenitally. To even the two breasts or to enlarge their volume we use silicone breast implants, fat injection and aquafilling materials.

Breast Enlargement with Breast Prosthesis

Breast prosthesis are materials that are semi fluid silicone gel filled medical supplies that are covered with steady silicone covers.

Breast Prosthesis Surgery

The surgery takes place in hospital environment with general anesthesia, it takes one hour.

Incision Options:

* Inframammary line (Submammarian)

* Lower nipple area (Periareolar)

* Under arm (Aksiller)

No matter the entry area the scars are significant at the beginning and insignificant in time. The prosthesis can be placed behind the breast tissue or behind the breast muscle (pectoral) according to the breast type of the patient. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

The period after the breast prosthesis surgery

The patient is comfortable after the surgery. There’s not much pain. There may be some restriction to the movement of the arms if the prosthesis is placed behind the breast muscle. A bra or dressing is recommended to the patient. The absorbable sutures don’t need removal. There’s little swelling in the first days. The patient can go back to working in 3-4 days. The prosthesis is settled after the third week and the breast becomes normal again. The patient is advised to stay away from heavy exercise (jumping, running) for 2 months. Breast augmentation with prosthesis is generally a good surgery with permanent results.

Breast augmentation with fat injection

The recent studies showed that the most important stem cell reservoir is one’s own fat tissue and the fat in the abdominal are contained more stem cells than the bone marrow. The most suitable patients for breast enlargement with fat injection are the ones with much fat tissue. The procedure becomes easier if the patient has large areas to transfer fat from. This way fat reduction procedure is also done. The fat is gained more slowly compared to liposuction technique. Then the unwanted components of the fat are removed with centrifuge. The stem cell enriched fat tissue is prepared for transfer and put under the breast tissue. This enriched fat cells also help repairing and renewing the injection area.

Fat filling application

The surgery is performed with sedation or general anesthesia. The patient is discharged the same day. There will be a light pain in the chest and the in the area where the fat is taken. The swelling in the breasts will disappear in 15 days. the fat will be permanent %40-50. This procedure increases the breasts 1 size usually. If wanted the procedure can be repeated after 6 months.

Breast Augmentation with Aquafilling®

It’s a procedure with short postoperative period and minimal trauma for breast and hip enlargement. It changed the whole concept of implants. The results of Aquafilling are beyond expectation. Aquafilling is a hydrofilic gel that helps a nonsurgical procedure for breast and hip implants.

The Procedure

It’s performed under sedation or local anesthesia. It takes less time than silicone implant. The procedure is complete in 45-60 minutes. The injection area is not related with lactation so breastfeeding will not be affected negatively.

After the Procedure

Aquafilling consists of %98 Sodium Chlorite, a substance that already exists in our body and has no side effects and %2 Copoliamid, a substance used for enhancing the persistency of the fluid and also has no side effect. This procedure is an alternative for patients who doesn’t prefer surgery, anesthesia or surgery scars. Its effect lasts for 3-5 years approximately.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery is a comfortable and safe procedure. It takes 1 our approximately. A breast implant is placed under the breast tissue to make the breast volume look bigger than it already is. There are a lot of variables for planning a breast augmentation surgery.

1- What kind of breast prosthesis / implant will be used? (water based, slicon based, round, water drop shaped, smooth surfaced, grainy surfaced)

2- Where the breast implant will be placed? (under muscle, under the breast tissue, under the muscle fascia)

Breast Prosthesis Used In Breast Enlargement Surgery

There are hundreds of different brands, structures, surfaces, and shapes for breast implants.

All the breast implant brands are over certain standards and they are safe. But some of them are more in the foreground and they have a higher trust index. Surgeons generally have a brand that they fell safe and they use that brand for long years.

The contents of breast implants

When we look at the contents of the breast implants we see that they are water based and silicone implants. Our choice is the silicone based ones. They are mostly preferred also around the world. The most important reason for that is the water based implants may leak in time, can lose their inner volume and the motion of the fluid can be felt by the patients.

The surface of the breast implants

The surfaces of the breast implants may differ. They can be smooth surfaced or grainy surfaced (textured, micro-textured). This is the surgeon’s choice. We usually prefer grainy surfaced implants. Their adherence quality is higher. They are durable about the dislocation or rotation movements. They are also known to reduce the capsule contracture formation in the tissues.

The shapes of the breast implants

The shapes of the breast implants vary. They can be fully round or tear drop (anatomic) shaped. This is again mainly the surgeons’ decision to help best fit the patient’s needs or about the different methods of surgery. Their qualities are the same. Our general choice is micro-textured surface, anatomic shape, form stable cohesive silicone breast implant.

Where to place the breast implant?

Silicone breast implants can be placed under the breast muscle or under the breast tissue. If the breast tissue layer is less than 2 cm. placing the implant under the muscle tissue is better for the noticeable and handled prosthesis. In most cases they are placed with double plan. This means that the top half is under the muscle and the bottom part is under the breast tissue. They are rarely placed totally under the muscle. This is not necessary. The most important problem about the under muscle placement is that the separated look occurring from the joints of the muscle and the implant’s motion with the muscle movement. These all cause an unnatural look. For thin patients with small breast tissue simple under breast tissue implants can become explicit with time. This situation is more defined when round shaped implants are used.

Our Choice

My personal choice is subfascial placed, anatomical shaped implants that are put in fascial area but not under the breast tissue. I believe that the under muscle placement is unnatural and we should let he implants move with the breasts simultaneously. For that reasons I find subglanduler / subfascial implants more naturalistic.