bra line fat deposits are very suitable area for laser lipolysis

laser lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis Procedure

Laser Lipolysis means using laser during lipolyse. Lipolyse means splitting and killing the fat cells.
If you can not get rid of the fat areas even though you exercise and go on a diet or you want to terminate the fat deposit on your ideal weight, you are not helpless.

What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser energy is the concentrated and focused light energy. Focused light energy generates high heat. This heat splits and melts the fat cells. The liquified fat can easily be thrown out with liposuction. The fat is homogeneously taken out with the effect of laser. It enables equal fat suction from all areas. The heat used in the laser liposuction procedure, causes the skin to tighten and become smoother.

Laser Lipolysis Procedure

Laser Lipolysis can be applied to small areas without the need of liposuction alone. The Laser Lipolysis is done, the post-op garment is worn and recovery is expected. In the mean time, the dead fat cells are cleaned up by the scavenger cells. It takes about three months. After this time, you should notice some weight loss and tighter skin immediately following treatment, but the final results are seen gradually over a number of weeks as your body continues to process and naturally remove the melted fat. As the fat is not taken totally out like in Liposuction procedure, it is better to use this technique in smaller areas and the areas that have thinner fat layers. Practically, I use Laser Lipolysis in an area of 25x25cm without Liposuction. Laser Lypolysis can be done under local anesthesia. A little pain can be felt during the first anesthesia application, but once the anesthetization is settled, it is painless. The patient can go home at the same day after the operation ends and the post-op garment is worn.

What is the effect of Laser on fat tissue?

When crushing to the fat cell, Laser light enables the disruption of fat cells with a photo-thermic effect. The lower layers of the skin reorganise. This effect tightens the skin.

How is fat melting done with Laser Lipolysis?

It starts with circling the fat deposits in the area. Then local anesthesia is applied to the area in order to be protected from the photo-thermal energy. After 10 minutes, laser fiberoptic cable is sent to the fat tissue. All the layers of the fat tissue is scanned with this cable. The procedure ends after giving a spesific amount of energy to the fat tissue. A bandage is used after the application and no suture is needed. As it can be applied under local anesthesia and as there is a little bruise and swelling at the post-op period, Laser fat melting is very advantageous. One session is generally enough and the application time is 15-60 minutes per target area.

Laser Lipolysis

This technique can be used in every area where there is a fat tissue problem. It can be applied comfortably to abdomen, back, waist, chin, jowl, neck, hip, leg, knee, ankle, male breast, arm and face.

Who can get Laser Lipolysis?

It helps men and women to get rid of the fat deposits, who already tried exercise and diet. It is appropriate for patients in ideal weight and localised, for terminating the fat deposit.

What are the advantagers of fat melting with Laser Lipolysis?

– Local thinning
– Skin repairment and tightening
– A better post- operation period
– A safer application
– Less pain after procedure
– Getting back to daily routine faster due to local anethesia use.

How is the post operation period after Laser Lipolysis?

A bandage is applied to the operated area right after the procedure. This bandage stays on for 4-5 days. Although it differs from person to person, basic pain killers are enough to relieve the pain. The patient can get back to their social life after 1-2 days.

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