surgical plan and drawings for breast reduction are done carefully one night before the operation day


Breast reduction surgery looks like a cosmetic surgery that we prefer to change our looks but it’s in fact a necessity for most cases. Women with big breasts suffer from the pressure of the bra straps on their shoulders, and also severe vertebra, neck and back pain. Big breasts may limit the daily activities. They also affect our choice of clothing and may also have a negative effect on our social and psychological state. A breast reduction surgery can help us have more reasonable sized breasts.


If you are considering a breast reduction surgery you can always consult Dr. Emre Gönen for information. You must openly tell the reasons why you are considering this surgery and the expectations you have. The size of your breasts, their shape, the condition of your skin, your age, marital status and plans about having children will be asked to you and evaluated during the examination. If your breast swell and become larger during menstruation the procedure should be done afterwards. Looking at the pictures of the patients that had the surgery before may help you decide easier.

There are some blood tests before the surgery and if Dr. Emre Gönen requires the should also be a mammogram and breast ultrasound. You’ll need someone to help you on the day of the surgery and the next couple of days. ıt’s a procedure that needs to be done in the hospital and you may need to stay for 1 night.


This surgery is performed at the hospital under general anesthesia. It takes 2,5-4 hours. In the cosmetic breast reduction surgery the big breast tissue is reconstructed in accordance with your body measurements. The excess breast tissue and the skin on it are removed. The nipple is carried back to its own place.


It’s usually comfortable after the surgery. A bra or medical dressing is used for the breasts. Usually a drain is placed in both of the breast. These are removed in 24-72 hours. It may be hard for the patient to use her arm for a couple of days. If there are sutures they are removed after 10-12 days. there may be some swelling in the early days. the patient can go back to work in 2-3 days. ıt’s recommended not to heavily work-out for 3 months. Cosmetic breast reduction surgeries usually have good and permanent results that make the patient’s life much easier. It has a positive effect on the psychology of the patient and her partner. Make’s one happier with her life. It’s a big help for our choice of clothing. A newly shaped breast is durable for long years.

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