vacum and cold assisted lypolysis

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Cold Lipolysis

Localized Attenuation with Cold Lipolysis, coolshape
Cold lipolysis helps to eliminate the fat cells naturally without damaging the surrounding tissues. The frozen fat cells are removed from the body with a lymph system and urine. This removal process takes place after the 15. day of the procedure till the end of the 2. month. During this time the patient helps the process with lymph drainage and lots of liquid consumption. (coolshape) ( laser assisted liposuction)

Procedure Time

One or more procedures may be needed according to the area that will be treated. The abdominal area needs more procedures for example; 2 times for both sides and 1 time for lower abdomen area. Each application can take 20 to 30 minutes according to the thickness of the fat tissue. The procedure can take 20 to 180 minutes according to the extent of the area and the fat tissue.

Ideal Candidates for this Procedure

Cold lipolysis is best suited for people with localized fattening complaints. Extensive fat tissue problems and obesity problems are not suitable for cold lipolysis. Patients with localized fattening complaints in the arm, back, abdomen, hip areas are ideal for cold lipolysis treatment.

What do we feel during the procedure?

This is not a painful procedure. During the procedure a little tension may be felt because of the vacuum effect and an intense local coldness at the beginning. After the procedure:
– Redness and numbness in that area for a couple of hours usually
– Patients can continue with their daily routines without any discomfort.

Women and Men of All Ages

It’s a comfortable, painless, one-session treatment for people who have an active work and personal life and doesn’t want to give up on that. This procedure is a good alternative for people who doesn’t want to use traditional ways like liposuction which lessens the intensive and permanent localized fat reserves. All the fat cells in the application area react to a certain degree of cold and become crystalized. This way a regular and proportional shaping of the body silhoulette is achieved.

Cold Lipolysis Treatment

It’s the treatment for the fat cumulating areas like the abdominal, sides, lower abdomen fat after caesarean, back, hip, and legs, reduces fat accumulation up to %20-%40 permanently.

How does this treatment achieve thinning?

The device isolates fat cells from normal body temperature using low heat vacuum massage. The tissue is first heated up to 45 degrees then immediately cools down to – 5 degrees. While waiting 1 hour in this state the fat cell stores are lost temporally. The area of application is also tightened due to the instant drop of the temperature. With one or two sessions vast amount of the fat tissues are decreased. All of this procedures are performed in a safe comfortable environment, amazing result can be achieved in a couple of weeks, the maximum results can be seen in just 1 month.

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